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As a consumer, there is one thing that we have all experienced... buying something that has not lived up to our expectations. In a marketplace of disposable goods the world holds dear those durables that stand the test of time and surpass our expectations.

Whether it be an automobile, a dining room set, or a wristwatch, we all have an inherent sense of pride for those things that continue to serve us well, long after they were bought. That pride of ownership is the foundation of Sullivan’s Shutter Factory and, in large part, is what makes a Sullivan Shutter the quality product that people tell their friends about.


Throughout our History we have taken great pride in putting the very best of everything into our shutters.  We engineer every detail because we care about quality.  Shutters have always been recognized as a long term solution to window problems.  A Sullivan Shutter is guaranteed to be that solution for a lifetime. 

Video still of living room with wooden shutters

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