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 Our Company

How we got started:

In July 1992 Bob Sullivan purchased a shutter company from an advertisement in the Desert Sun Newspaper. At that time there were only three employees. Nearly twenty years later Sullivan's Shutter factory has emerged as a leader in the shutter industry.


Building an environmentally responsible quality wood shutter became the foundation of our company. With a true entrepreneur at the helm we have become one of the largest shutter producers in the Western United States. Showcased by Woodworking Magazine in a cover story done in 2003, Sullivan's has been nationally recognized as a "Zero Waste Facility" for nearly a decade. "We have reached a point in our production where the next step is to convert our wood byproduct into useable electricity for our facility rather than selling it to energy suppliers. The technology for smaller converters is available and the benefits are staggering when you consider the environmental impact and the savings."


We have spent the last twenty years focused solely on the shutter industry. By maintaining our focus we have been recognized by industry experts as having the finest shutter available on the market today. The combination of tried and true construction, new technology and our unwillingness to compromise on materials have brought us to this point. " We are constantly looking for new innovations that will continue to move us forward. It is an exciting time in our industry, equipment is advancing rapidly, forests are being harvested responsibly and we are providing our customers with a product that will conserve energy and add value to their homes."


What we do:

Sullivan’s Shutter Factory is a full service manufacturer. We design, measure, manufacture, install and provide after sales service to all of our clients. Not all companies are successful, but all successful companies have one thing in common - excellent customer service. We take our customer service very seriously. We constantly evaluate our effectiveness. We communicate with our customers and work diligently to insure they are informed and satisfied.

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