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Our shutters are crafted to accommodate the needs and desires of the most discriminating customer. Their function and design solve decorating problems and help you achieve an entirely different personality in every room.

Focused on Shutters Only

We are equipped to custom build shutters to fit any type or shape opening. Whether your décor calls for a fine furniture stain finish or a sandblasted paint we are as versatile as your flair for design.


With an advanced kiln drying technique and stock thickness of nearly an inch and a half, our Northern Basswood will withstand even the harshest environments. From a blistering Southern California summer to a frigid Colorado winter our shutters are guaranteed to last a lifetime.


The most important value of shutters is their extreme durability. The life expectancy of shades, curtains and blinds are cut short when continuously exposed to the sun. Materials like PVC plastic and cellular shade fabrics are damaged by exposure because they lack the ability to channel light. Shutters by their very design diffuse heat by tilting the louvers in an open or closed position. To increase the superior insulating quality of wood we have also added a specially formulated nitrocellulose finish that not only stands up to UV rays but will not fade or change color.


Choosing shutters means more than dressing your windows. They are an investment in quality of life. We know of no other treatment that offers such a classic appeal. The longevity, durability and ease of use is unmatched, and our after sales service insures a lifetime of trouble-free enjoyment. Most importantly, however, our prices make shutters an affordable addition to your home.



Cutting Edge Technology


Sullivan's Cutting Edge Facility

The shutter market has historically been plagued by an industry passed over by updated technology. In many cases, this meant a six to even eight week delivery cycle. With the help of companies like G&L technologies and their aggressive equipment design, the programming genius of Shutter Pro Software, and a 24/7 production schedule we proudly offer delivery in 28 days.


Regardless, many of the 'old world' processes involved are slow to change. Every component of our product is still sanded by hand to insure quality only a human touch can duplicate.


Sandblasting remains to be the true work of an artisan. Working the wood grain to perfect consistency is a skill yet to be matched by technology. Perhaps most unwilling to embrace new innovation however is the painting and finishing process. Finish is one of the most important features of your shutter. A superior finish demands hands on quality control, and the 'feel' of our finish will tell you how much attention we give to every detail.



Energy Savings


The Highest Quality


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The aesthetic appeal of shutters is without question a motivating factor when it comes to considering them for your home.


There are, however, a great deal of ancillary benefits that come with your purchase. Light plays a major role in our quality of life. The ability to control how much or how little we are subjected to is perhaps the best reason for choosing shutters. The position of your louvers can be adjusted in an infinite number of ways to enhance the mood of any room. Whether you desire full light, darkness or just enough light to keep the room vibrant, your shutters are designed to perform.


Wood is also an inherently good insulator. By their very nature, shutters will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They continue to be the only window covering with a quantifiable "R" factor. In fact, many of our customers have noticed such a significant difference that they have actually had a decrease in their energy bills.


The Final Touch


Wood-working skills are an important part of our business. Proper installation is the key to ensuring that your shutters look and fit the way they were designed to. Each member of our installation staff has had a minimum of 4000 hours in factory time before entering the ranks as a member of the "installation" team. The ability to overcome even the most perplexing window problems is a talent that must be mastered before even entering the field. We go to great lengths to produce a superior product. Professional installation is an important step in the process of earning your satisfaction as one of our customers.




Green Technology

Many synthetic shutters use "wood" in their name, but most contain no wood, usually called "Faux Wood Shutters" or "Poly Wood". Made from stock size components with few if any color options, synthetic shutters are made from petroleum based non-renewable resources. Like most things made from plastic, synthetics look, feel, sound and smell like plastic. Because they are relatively new there is limited customer satisfaction experience. Unlike wood, synthetics are heavy and tend to sag easily under their own weight. Synthetics are less costly to manufacture than real wood which explains why many companies will recommend plastic over wood. Synthetic shutter manufacturers and marketers claim that their plastic shutters will not warp, chip, crackle or peel, generally implying that these are qualities of wood. Quality wood shutters will not warp, chip, crackle, peel or turn yellow. Sullivan's Shutters is committed to offering our clients the finest shutters on the market. When it comes to wood vs. plastic there is no substitute for the real thing. Trendy plastics and poly woods will come and go but wood has always been and will continue to be the standard for quality shutters that are environmentally friendly and built to last.


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